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Imperial is a .81-mile bike-only single-direction advanced trail that starts at the summit of Chestnut Mountain. It offers advanced mountain bikers a more traditional, primarily hand-built trail that utilizes some new areas of the property as the trail winds down the mountain and then joins the Ladybird trail near the bottom. There are segments of fully raw off-chamber, rake-n-ride, and hand-cut trail linked with machine-built catch berms. Riders will also encounter locust logs and several rock features as they navigate this tribute to the Appalachian region and the rugged character of the trails we love. Please remember this trail will evolve as it burns in and will only become more rooty and technical with time.

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On Sunday, November 12 the park will be hosting the Chestnut Chase 10K and will be closed to those not competing in the race until noon. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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The latest addition to Chestnut Mountain Nature Park is now open! Sunburst is a single-directional mountain bike trail that starts off the Papertown Express (Upper) climb before the Wildcat trail. Sunburst is rated green and takes riders for a berm-filled adventure as they descend Chestnut Mountain. This trail re-joins Papertown Express to make a loop. Whether this is your destination or becomes a warm-up as you start your mountain bike ride at the park, Sunburst brings another completely different experience to the trail system.

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