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Park Rules & Regulations

Hours of Operation: The park will be open from dawn to dusk.


Inclement Weather: The park is closed during periods of inclement weather to protect recreational and natural resources. Announcements of park closure will be provided through the Town of Canton.


Property: No person shall injure, deface, alter, remove, or destroy any property or equipment owned by the Town of Canton.


Animals and Plant Life: Destruction or removal of plants, animals and wildlife is prohibited. No harvesting, cutting of wood or building of trails is permitted.


Hunting: Hunting or trapping of any animal is prohibited on park property.


Fishing: Fishing is allowable in Hominy Creek with a valid North Carolina fishing license.


Firearms / Fireworks: Firearms and other weapons are prohibited except for individuals with a proper permit for a concealed handgun. Fireworks, cap pistols, air guns, bow and arrows, slingshots and lethal projectiles or missiles of any kind are prohibited.


Fires: No fires shall be built except as designated and under the direction of the park manager.


Group Use: No person, group, or organization shall erect any structure, stage any performance, or conduct any event without a permit from the Town of Canton.


Trail Use: Trails shall only be used for their designated purpose. Trail users should remain only on designated trails. Trail users shall not stray from designated trails or go onto any adjacent private properties. Trail users should abide by all posted trail closures that will be determined by the Town of Canton.


Hiking: Hiking is allowed on specific trails. Carry route maps and be familiar with relevant park information. Be aware and respectful of other trail users.


Biking: Biking is allowed on specific trails. Carry route maps and be familiar with relevant park information. Ensure you have and wear proper bicycle safety equipment. Obey all trail rules, observe stop signs and speed limits. Pay attention to vehicle traffic and other users of the trails.


Electric Bicycles (E-bikes): Electric bicycles are not allowed in the park.


Motorized Use: Use of motorized vehicles on pedestrian and bike trails is prohibited unless for maintenance or emergency service access.


Trail Repair and Construction: No trails shall be repaired or constructed without authorization and approval from the Town of Canton.


Commercial Use: Unauthorized commercial use of the property is prohibited. No person shall exhibit, sell or offer for sale or hire any object, merchandise or service except pursuant to a permit from the Town of Canton.

Parking and Towing: Vehicles must only park in designated parking areas. No overnight parking allowed. No parking in designated emergency access parking areas. Abandoned or illegally parked vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.


Dogs: While on park premises, dogs must be on a leash and not pose a safety risk to others. Dogs must be on an attended leash no longer than 6 feet and under the constant control of the owner. Any dog waste will be removed by pet’s owner. Utilize pet waste stations provided at the park.


Drone Usage: Drone usage is prohibited unless authorized by the Town of Canton.

Metal Detectors: Metal detectors are not allowed in the park except to locate lost personal property when authorized by the Town of Canton.


Research: Individuals, educational institutions, and research agencies must have permission from the Town of Canton to research and collect specimens on park property.


Trash/ Recycling: Littering is illegal. Trash must be placed in proper disposal containers and recycled if applicable. Burying trash is prohibited.


Geocaching: Placing a cache on park land is prohibited without permission from the Town of Canton.


Tents or Canopies: No tents or canopies shall be erected on park property unless express permission is granted from the Town of Canton.


Alcoholic Beverages: Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at the park except in designated areas and only during properly permitted events.


Reporting Maintenance Needs: Any person who notices a safety hazard or maintenance need is encouraged to report it to Town of Canton staff by calling 828-648-2363.

Logo for Leave No Trace in the Chestnut Mountain Nature Park and Berm Park Rules and Regulations
Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Know the regulations and special concerns for the area you’ll visit.

  • Prepare for extreme weather, hazards, and emergencies.

  • Schedule your trip to avoid times of high use.

  • Visit in small groups when possible.

  • Repackage food to minimize waste.

  • Use a map and compass or GPS.

Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Pack out all trash, leftover food and litter.

  • Utilize toilet facilities whenever possible.

  • Pack out toilet paper and hygiene products.

Respect Wildlife
  • Observe wildlife from a distance. Do not follow or approach them.

  • Never feed animals. Feeding wildlife damages their health, alters natural behaviors, and exposes them to predators and other dangers.

  • Protect wildlife and your food by storing rations and trash securely.

  • Control pets at all times, or leave them at home.

  • Avoid wildlife during sensitive times: mating, nesting, raising young, or winter.


Be Considerate of Other Visitors
  • Respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience.

  • Be courteous. Yield to other users on the trail.

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