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Welcome to Berm Park

Berm Park, a FREE public park, is an oasis for mountain bikers who are seeking a more active biking experience. Essentially a "park within a park", the Berm Park Skills Course consists of over a mile of bike trails for riders to boost their skills in a safe environment.

The Trails

This is the trail head symbol designating Flight Deck in Berm Park as the trail head
Flight Deck

This is the top section of Berm Park and is considered the trailhead for all of the bike trails. Up on The Flight Deck you'll find benches to take a rest as well as bike repair stations.


Sponsored by Athletic Brewing

The symbol of a green circle designating Chain Whip Trail as a beginner trail for mountain biking
Chain Whip

This trail contains smooth, rolling terrain suitable for all ages and skill levels.


Sponsored by Park Tool Company

The symbol of a green circle in a blue square designating High Roller Trail in Berm Park as a beginner/intermediate trail for mountain biking
High Roller

This trail contains gentle berms and rollers with optional rock and wood obstacles. Riders should know the basics of stopping and negotiating off-road terrain. Expect low to moderate speeds.


Sponsored by Dror Bezalel

The symbol of a blue square designating On the Fly Trail in Berm Park as an intermediate trail for mountain biking
On the Fly

The trail contains rollers, berms, and jumps with high speed downhill sections. Riders should have good bike control and basic jumping experience.


Sponsored by Diamondback Bicycles

The symbol of one black diamond designating Click Bait Trail in Berm Park as an advanced trail for mountain biking
Click Bait

This trail contains jumps, drops, and wooden features with mandatory gaps. Expect high speeds. Riders should have advanced skills with jumping experience.


Crowd-sourced from Patreon and YouTube followers of park creator Seth Alvo from Berm Peak

The symbol of two black diamonds designating Roll the Dice Trail in Berm Park as an expert trail for mountain biking
Roll the Dice

The trail contains jumps, wall rides, cannons, and mandatory gaps. Expect high speeds.


Sponsored by Competitive Cyclist

Thank you...

to our generous donors and partners!

An image collage of a little girl riding her bike down Chain Whip Trail in the trees. A male riding his mountain bike up a wood platform jump with trees all around. Two male mountain bikers riding up Paper Town Express to get to Berm Park at the top of Chestnut Mountain Park. A man and a women on mountain bikes descending down Bear Country Trail from Berm Park.
Headshot at Chestnut Mountain Park of Seth Alvo, creator or Berm Park Mountain Bike Skills Course, Berm Peak Youtube channel, and Seth's Bike Hacks

SETH ALVO, Creator of Berm Peak YouTube channel & Seth's Bike Hacks

Berm Park is a free, public bike park. While it's just a tiny part of Chestnut Mountain, it will be a big part of the community... The collaboration between recreation and conservation here at Chestnut Mountain will remain an example for other communities in how working together can make big projects come to life. Chestnut Mountain and Berm Park now serve as assets to the area, strengthening the community's health through recreation and enriching the lives of many.



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