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Thank You

To everyone who made Berm Park possible!

Patrons of Berm Park

The ideas, donations, and enthusiasm from thousands of individuals located all over the planet, many of whom will never actually travel to Berm Park, are what made this project happen. Donors fully sponsored the Clickbait trail and their surplus funds are being used for continued maintenance and further developments within the park. What they contributed to this one specific community in the corner of North Carolina is truly unique and special.

Long after YouTube is gone, the collaboration between recreation and conservation here at Chestnut Mountain will remain an example for other communities on how working together can make big projects come to life. Chestnut Mountain and Berm Park now serve as assets to the area, strengthening the community’s health through recreation, and enriching the lives of many. Chestnut Mountain and Berm Park will be frequented by those who live nearby. Their proximity to Interstate 40 will be a draw for others who live much further away, and bring visitors who will undoubtedly stop and take the opportunity to explore the Town of Canton instead of simply passing it by.

Diamondback Bicycles logo

Diamondback Bicycles makes bikes for all ages of riders with options for a wide range of abilities and budgets. Like their bikes, On the Fly is a trail that’s great for beginners and advanced riders as well. The trail is quick and fun with rollers, berms, jumps, and more that give riders the ability to progress at their own level, learn new skills, and ride with their friends. While they are based on the other side of the continent amongst the fabled trails of the Pacific Northwest, Diamondback knows the value of having quality recreation everywhere, which is why they wanted to be involved and help with a bike park thousands of miles away in North Carolina.

Competative Cyclist logo

Competitive Cyclist is a national online retailer of just about any bicycle product one could imagine. Bikes are complicated and figuring out what not only works, but works for a given application, is no small feat. Fortunately, Competitive Cyclist specializes in free consultation and support for anyone trying to decide what parts they need. They were really excited to hear that the park was going to be free to the public, so much so, that they jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the wildest and most challenging trail at the park, “Roll the Dice” when the opportunity arose.

Athletic Brewing Company non-alcoholic brews logo

Athletic Brewing creates craft non-alcoholic beer and is involved in many trail projects through their “two-for-the-trails” initiative. The program donates 2% of the company’s proceeds to projects involving human powered recreation and they were eager to be involved with Berm Park. “The Flight Deck” is the top section of Berm Park, where you are standing right now, and what is considered the trailhead for all of the trails here. Getting the sign up here, grading, the stone, and more, was made possible by Athletic Brewing.

Park Tool logo

Park Tool Company manufactures any tool imaginable to work on a bike and provides education for beginner and professional mechanics alike. Park sponsored the “Chain Whip” beginner trail and contributed the bike repair stations you see throughout the park. At the top of the park and appropriate for even the youngest of riders, beginners, toddlers, and tykes, Chain Whip will help foster a new generation of riders and the repair stations will aid in developing the skills needed to keep their bikes rolling.

Graphic of a mountain biker going up a trail to represent the personal donor Dror Bezalel, a long-time mountain biker.

Dror Bezalel

Dror is a long-time mountain biker who fell in love with mountain biking and some years ago honed his skills on the many trails in the hills of Western North Carolina. He has a deep appreciation for the mountain biking community in the area and paid for the beginner-intermediate trail, “High Roller” as he knows how important it is to have a place from which to begin and progress. Dror lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia, and can be frequently found riding in and around Pisgah National Forest.

Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy logo

Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, a nonprofit conservation organization, has been protecting plant and animal habitat, clean water, farmland, scenic beauty, and places for all people to enjoy outdoor recreation in the mountains of NC and TN since 1974. Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy purchased 450 acres at Chestnut Mountain in 2020, with a vision to protect the habitat and natural resources on the mountain while partnering with others on the creation of a unique park experience. The land was later transferred to the Town of Canton, permanently protected by conservation easements. Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy continues to monitor the land each year to ensure the conservation values – habitat and water resources – remain protected in perpetuity. 

Berm Peak Ranger District logo
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