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Champion: A Proper Double-Black Trail For Expert Riders.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

We would like to introduce Champion, a .97 mile expert bike-only trail.

Champion is a bike-only single-direction trail that starts at the top of Chestnut Mountain and is a proper advanced double-black trail for experienced riders only. The .97-mile trail is a mix of single-track, hand-cut rock sections and all types of jumps, drops, berms, gaps, and more squeezed into one action-packed trail. Riders can pick and choose optional drops and features as they navigate their way down and east across Chestnut Mountain. Expect lots of step-downs and step-up jumps as you fly down the mountain. Riders will reconnect in the middle of Papertown Express and easily be able to head uphill a few minutes to Wildcat, Ladybird, down to Berm Park, or back up to the summit for another lap down Champion. Please pre-ride, re-ride, and then free-ride within your skill level.

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