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Union: Bridges the Gap Between Ladybird and Champion.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

We would like to introduce Union, a .98 mile intermediate/advanced bike-only trail.

The new Union trail starts next to the entrance for Ladybird and provides a true intermediate/advanced option that bridges the progression gap between Ladybird and Champion. This single-direction mountain biking trail takes users on a ride that is filled with optional features scattered throughout. The character of Union is unique to itself and distinctly different from the other trails at Chestnut.

Union's alignment takes advantage of some areas with large rocks and boulders that are not found anywhere else on the property. While several sections use old logging roads for berms and jumps, others are minimal, with fully hand-built trails.

Depending on the rider's skill and speed there will be a varied experience that allows for progression—riding through rocky sections while options for rock-wallrides and boulder drops are there for more advanced riders. Please remember to pre-ride before you free-ride!

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