Photography by Adams J. Wood

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Welcome to Chestnut Mountain

Chestnut Mountain is a nature-based recreation park, located one mile east from the Town Of Canton, and covers 450 acres of forested ridgelines and coves providing a diverse habitat for a variety of plants and animals. The park consists of a Front Country day-use area for picnicking and transitions into the Backcountry as you move deeper into the park where you'll find multi-use trails for both hikers and bikers.

On APR 23, 2022 the FIRST PHASE of the park opened to the public.

Approximately 35 of the total 450-acre tract will be available for daytime use with the park opening at dawn and closing at dusk each day. This area includes the mountain biking skills course at Berm Park, a mixed use (hiking and biking) trail that climbs approximately 350 ft. from the parking lot and Bridge Park and a bike-only trail used for exiting the Berm Park.


The transformation of this undeveloped 450 acres of land into a complete park will be a massive undertaking and will require a multi-phased approach. To see the complete vision of the park you can visit the Chestnut Mountain Nature Park Master Plan.

Bridge Park

This pedestrian only bridge, known as the gateway to the park, is not only the entrance to the multi-use trails, but also a picnic and day use area. With picnic tables lining the bridge, visitors will be able to picnic and socialize or relax and people watch as hikers and bikers pass through on their way into the park. It is also a great place to watch bikers descend down Bear Country Trail from Berm Park.

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Berm Park

This mountain biking oasis is up the hill from the picnic and day-use area. Berm Park is a FREE, public bike park for mountain bikers who are seeking a more active biking experience. Essentially a "park within a park", the Berm Park Skills Course consists of over a mile of bike trails for riders to boost their skills in a safe environment. 


A Conservation

Success Story

In 2020, the purchase of the property was facilitated by Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC) for the purpose of conservation via easement and donation of the land to the Town of Canton.

Image by Pete Nuij

Key to Conserving

A Wildlife Corridor

Chestnut Mountain lies in a wildlife corridor that provides the only northward path between Mt. Pisgah, through Sandy Mush, to Max Patch, making it essential for wildlife mobility in the region.

Image by Jess Zoerb

Part Of The

Hellbender Regional Trail System

Chestnut Mountain will be an important stop along the Hellbender Trail, a 150-mile regional greenway system that is being championed by The Land of Sky Regional Council and local governments.